Why can't some people get pregnant?

Answer Answer Some people are infertile and don't produce the right amount of sperm or eggs.

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If people had pregnant 7 weeeks eat a misoprostol 200mcg may continue to pregnant?

Spelt Glutathione. This problem has not been thoroughly looked into but to ensure that no harm is done i suggest you don't take it if you don't REALLY need to take it. To get a more accurate answer... Read More »

Do pregnant people eat a lot?

Do you eat a lot when pregnant? Answeryes pregnant women do eat alot.when i WA pregnant i was eatting alot of food. when your pregnant your body needs all sorts of vitemins and minerals so you cra... Read More »

Why do people ask if they are pregnant?

You make a very good point . . .Just goes to show that Y!A still doesn't have effective control of the troll problem . . . the question (and 'answers' that it generates) is an avenue for point accu... Read More »

How many people are pregnant the age of 16?

it seems that most teens around the ages of 16 & 19 get pregnant