Why can't pregnant women drink caffeine?

Answer The baby could get addicted and have withdrawal symptoms. Babies in caffeine withdrawal have been linked to neonatal apnea, where the baby essentially forgets to breathe.

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Is it safe to drink herbal tea without caffeine when you are pregnant?

AnswerThis is iffy -- some people say peppermint and other menthols can produce spina bifida, some say it can't. Some doctors say it's okay, others don't. I didn't risk it, even though I love peppe... Read More »

Why pregnant women cant eat papaya?

They can eat papaya. There are ppl saying that if you eat large amounts of ripe or unripe (no one seems to know exactly, I´ve read both) you can have a miscarriage in the fiorst month. Now most wo... Read More »

Can a pregnant women drink Eno?

Yes. According to the Eno website, it is safe during pregnancy.

Can pregnant women drink Guinness?

for sure! my mother drank like a fish the whole way through. i turned out! you should not drink while pregnant! 9 times out of 10 the baby winds up with problems