Why can't people spell on this site?

Answer You are magnificent..

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What site can i use for this (tracking people who viewed my site-xanga)? is the best solution provider.

Have people forgotten how to spell?

Unfortunately some people use deliberate misspellings of words like some people use regional dialects or accents. At the same time, (forgive me for this) but if you're talking about someone that's... Read More »

If people on here can't spell "Canon"...?

That is not all they cannot spell. I guess the little Check Spelling option is too hard to read too.Perhaps it is the mistaken belief that the name Canon came from the military weapon, the cannon.... Read More »

Why is it only 15% of the people on the internet are able to spell properly?

Because 85% are all under the age of 15. The rest are all 45 looking for 15 year olds. Everybody hide, it's Dateline NBC!