Why can't people see Australian voters weren't all that keen on Julia either until you compare her with Tony?

Answer Logical isnt it but people see only what they want to see@Anne in your haste to be the grammar nitpicker you ignored the spellchecker..maybe you meant..the policies OF

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Should Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott become the Speaker ?

Why did australian people want this?

Australia's settlers were not just exiled British convicts. As early as 1820, convicts and ex-convicts made up less than half the British population. The first people in my family to arrive got he... Read More »

In ncis what is the episode that tony and ziva are kidnapped. I caught a glimpse of an episode where tony and ziva are tied to a chair and someone keeps repeatedly hitting tony. What episode is it?

Someone told me my capris werent very thug yesterday?

LOL. Nice Zach. =PMaybe, you could wear them under your ***, and put a belt under your *** too, so they stay there, then walk around and be all "cool" (both in style and with the breeze you know yo... Read More »