Why cant people see that adopting kids is taking advantage of people with "less than'?

Answer Personally, I think if people really cared about the welfare of the child they would actually sponser the family and help them parent their own biological child. A lot of adoptive parents are not i... Read More »

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Why cant Jewish people enter Lebanon ?

because Lebanese people thinks are Jews are like Israeli's but they aren't the jewish people that I met ( in Australia) are great.

People who cant pay their taxes on home?

Why cant people hang out in front of Liquor Stores?

It's a private business and there are loitering laws. Why can't I hang out in front of your house?

Why do people get so rude when driving Cant we all just get along?

People don't generally wannna be pricks.Frustrated, angry and edgy inside and the only release for them is being aggressive whilst driving , if you notice peoples aggressive reactions are usually s... Read More »