Why can't people eat beef rare anymore ?

Answer It's chain restaurants who don't want to be liable to suing by a customer who might get food poisoning from undercooked meat. You can get food poisoning from undercooked meat if the core temperatur... Read More »

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Beef "well done or rare"?

How to Make a Medium Rare Roast Beef?

Beef has always been one of the more expensive meats, especially premium-quality cuts, so families for generations have saved dishes like roast beef for special occasions. The centerpiece of tradit... Read More »

Whats your favorite cut of beef. Also rare, medium or well done.?

Fillet Mignon - Medium Rare, more on the rare then the medium.

Why is it ok to eat beef (steak) in a rare state form .. and you wont get sick?

The Disease or sick causing bugs aren't in them like they are in pork. Pork and fish is where you need to be careful. Many diseases and sickness you can get from pork. You can get tape worms from f... Read More »