Why can't my computer read the memory stick I put in to download pictures.?

Answer It appears your operating system will support this memory stick. I would try a registry cleaning system or defrag or other computer maintenance before taking it to a shop. You may need to reinsta... Read More »

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How Can I Download Pictures From the XBox to a Memory Stick?

Microsoft Xbox consoles are manufactured with a hard drive inside the machine for game data storage. User profiles, saved games, and other user data are stored on this internal hard drive, which ca... Read More »

How to take pictures from my computer into a memory stick?

Plug the memory stick into your USB drive.Go to My ComputerFind Removable Disk (F?)Open itOpen the folder on your computer with the pictures in themSimple highlight the pictures you want and drag t... Read More »

How do I transfer computer pictures to a memory stick?

Plug in the Memory StickPlug the memory stick in to a memory stick reader. Depending on the model of your computer will depend on how this process is done. Your computer tower or laptop may have a ... Read More »

Can you transfer pictures from computer onto memory stick?

i wouldnt purchase an adaptor. i would put the stick in my camera, plug it into the computer, and open"My Computer""(Camera name or removeable disk)"and drag the pictures into that. then" {-- " t... Read More »