Why can't my computer read the memory stick I put in to download pictures.?

Answer It appears your operating system will support this memory stick. I would try a registry cleaning system or defrag or other computer maintenance before taking it to a shop. You may need to reinsta... Read More »

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I have a Sony handicam and it takes pictures but i cant access them or find a memory stick?

I am having the same issue with mine. I have read through the owners manual, but have yet to figure out how to get the pictures out of the camcorder. Good luck to both of us!!!

How Can I Download Pictures From the XBox to a Memory Stick?

Microsoft Xbox consoles are manufactured with a hard drive inside the machine for game data storage. User profiles, saved games, and other user data are stored on this internal hard drive, which ca... Read More »

How do I transfer computer pictures to a memory stick?

Plug in the Memory StickPlug the memory stick in to a memory stick reader. Depending on the model of your computer will depend on how this process is done. Your computer tower or laptop may have a ... Read More »

Can you transfer pictures from computer onto memory stick?

i wouldnt purchase an adaptor. i would put the stick in my camera, plug it into the computer, and open"My Computer""(Camera name or removeable disk)"and drag the pictures into that. then" {-- " t... Read More »