Are mules male or female?

Answer Mules are hybrids--the offspring of mating a male donkey and a female horse--and can be either male or female. They exhibit appropriate sexual characteristics and actions, although they are sterile... Read More »

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Do mules wear horse shoes?

Mules, much like horses, should have their hooves trimmed and shoes applied every six to eight weeks by a professional farrier. Mules have smaller hooves with thicker hoof walls than most horses, s... Read More »

Pack Horses & Mules for the Backcountry?

Horses, mules, and other pack animals are commonly used in the backcountry of National Parks and other wilderness areas. They provide a convenient, low environmental-impact way to transport supplie... Read More »

Highest Rated Women's Athletic Mules?

Mule are backless, closed-toed shoes available in a range of styles from high-heeled and formal to casual and athletic. Athletic mules are suitable for light exercise, running errands and doing cho... Read More »

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