Why can't most people grow an avicennia marina in their backyard?

Answer I believe it's because of the fact that it spreads so rapidly that it becomes an invader of other native plant species.

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People who cant pay their taxes on home?

Do you think most people would drive much better if their cell phone was up their butt?

This is the matrix that people are linked up to so that they don't haveto deal with the real world. Such as driving, for example.I mean...I can barely steer a shoppingcart while I'm on my cell phon... Read More »

Why do some people don't grow as tall as their siblings?

Martha Graham had two sisters, and one brother. Her brother, however, passed away at age two of measles.

At what age do most people (you) lose their virginity at?

Worldwide, apparently 17.3. Personally, I lost is at around 7, then again at 31. I wasn't "abused" but she knew more about it than me at that age, so I suspect she may have been. But I didn't re... Read More »