Why can't most people grow an avicennia marina in their backyard?

Answer I believe it's because of the fact that it spreads so rapidly that it becomes an invader of other native plant species.

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Can I grow weed in my backyard?

How do I grow backyard tomatoes in Florida?

Prepare the SitePlant tomatoes in the spring, after the last frost in your area. In Florida, this will be March or early April. Plant early for a continuous harvest through the summer.Choose a site... Read More »

What's a low-maintenance vegetable I can grow in my backyard?

Potato, bit boring maybe but they grow in anything, even bad soil. Depends here what you mean by low maintenance?All things need watering, most root crops grow pretty much of their own accord prov... Read More »

How to Grow Backyard Tomatoes in Florida?

In Florida, tomatoes are grown in the spring and fall. Summer planting is not recommended, since the fruit will not set in temperatures warmer than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a part of F... Read More »