Why cant marines wear Semper fi tattoo's in marines?

Answer Because tattoo's are not sanctioned by the Marine Corps.

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Why do the Marines say semper Fi?

It means "Always Faithful." Semper Fi is short for the latin Semper Fidelis

Are the U.S. Marines in The Hunt for Eagle One MARSOC marines or regular infantry marines?

Most likely MARSOC. I don't recall seeing a specific unit given in the film.

Do marines say yoorah - after someone says semper fi?

Just to clarify. It is NOT yoorah Its Oorah. Second yes you can say Oorah after someone says Semper Fi. Oorah is used in many different contexts. Ex. Marine 1: Get some Marine! Marine 2 :Oorah Sir.... Read More »

Marines say this after they say semper fi. Whatdoes ooh rah mean?

Supposedly it comes from the abbreviation "HUA," meaning Heard-Understood-Acknowledged, but it's most likely just something used to give motivation, since Marines are notorious for being motivated.... Read More »