Why can't i sleep without Alcohol?

Answer You need to try other options so perhaps you should ignore the wine option below.To sleep better just relax and switch off, if you can.If you are having trouble switching off at bedtime some light ... Read More »

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Can you drink alcohol with sleep apnea?

On One Hand: Worsening Symptoms due to AlcoholDrinking alcohol has the effect of worsening sleep apnea in people who have the condition. This is due to the fact that alcohol relaxes the muscles in ... Read More »

Would alcohol leave my bloodstream after I sleep?

on average a person metabolizes 1 oz of alcohol in 1 hr. so depends on how much you drink to get tipsy. drink large amounts of water before going to bed to help the liver work but each person is di... Read More »

When i Drink Alcohol, After My Buzz Subsides & i Go To Sleep, i Wake Up W/ My Heart Pounding Fast.(read below)?

DEHYDRATION. This condition is caused by alcohol consumption. It throws your electolytes out of whack. Once symptom of dehydration is a rapid heart beat. Also, headache. Sound familiar with a hango... Read More »

Alcohol and temazepam ! I have just taken 10mg of temazepam to help me sleep that was prescribed to me. It'?

DOCTORS advise you not to mix medications +Alcohol.Experienced with Temazepam..........Urge you not to make a mistake.Don't have the Temazepam tommorrow if you aregoing to be drinking.( Or .....go ... Read More »