What do u do when u cant sleep and u cant fall asleep but are tired ?

Answer go to the drugstore and buy some melatonin...its all natural, it won't make you feel groggy...its the same thing your brain produces to help you fall asleep and some people's brain has a shortage o... Read More »

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My lungs hurt to breathe, i cant sit up straight and i cant sleep at night because of it..whats wrong with me?

It could be a number of things. See your doctor and insist on a chest X-ray.

What is a good natural sleep aid i cant sleep and dont want to take any meds because of sideaffects.?

I cant sleep! ways to sleep?

Many of my clients come to me with sleep issues. I highly recommend this Sleep mp3 at this website to many of my clients: Just go download it and listen to ... Read More »

I cant sleep......!!!!!!!!!?

You need to begin a sleep journal, then gradually develop 'good sleep habits'. This takes concious effort with commitment & discipline. Practice making genuine efforts toward obtaining restful slee... Read More »