Why cant i save a collection on my kindle?

Answer You're not trying hard enough. Once you really believe in yourself - deep down in your heart - you will be able to do it.

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How do i save pictures on my kindle fire?

See the section "Downloading Content" on the page here. It'll show you the steps: that helps.

Kindle Question: How do I stop my kindle from flashing black when I turn a page?

That is just the e-ink working, drawing and undrawing itself on the screen. Its normal! It also happens when you put it in standby, where it shows famous authors and other drawings. If the scree... Read More »

I dont have the kindle, but can i buy the kindle version of books and read on my compuer?

No, the Kindle foprmat is proprietary and only works on the device.

Will a kindle fire case fit a 4th generation Kindle?