Why can't i lay self adhesive vinyl floor tile over particle board?

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What type/kind/brand of primer do i need to put down on particle board before i lay self adhesive vinyl tile?

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Can particle wood sub floor be repaired and can tile be put on this floor?

The best way to repair particle board sub-flooring is to cut out the bad spot and replace with new board.You can only use vinyl and self stick tile over particle board. Ceramic tile cannot because ... Read More »

Can you tile over particle board?

Particle board is not strong enough to support the weight of a tile floor or wall because it is made up small pieces pressed together. Do not tile directly over particle board. Instead, you should ... Read More »

How to Paint Vinyl-Coated Particle Board Furniture?

If you would like to paint vinyl-coated particle board furniture, understand a pair of important factors before you get started. First, because vinyl is non-porous, you must condition the surface t... Read More »