Why cant i get sound coming through my speakers?

Answer Sure they're plugged in correctly?~

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Your stereo turns on and you can hear through the head phone but you cant through the speakers?

Sound only coming out of 3 of the 5 surround sound speakers?

A lot of the HTIB systems will only play surround from the internal DVD player no matter what else you connect a TV a Blu ray player game machine etc, it will only output surround from the internal... Read More »

We've lost the sound coming from our speakers. . .?

Start menu, right click on 'computer' select 'properties' select 'device manager' check sound drivers and update if necessary.Edit: please check your emails

How Do I Stop Engine Noise from Coming Through My Speakers?

Engine noise is the bane of any car stereo system. Installers everywhere dread the moment when the key is turned, and the persistent whine comes from the tweeters indicating a ground loop. Althou... Read More »