Why cant i get my facebook video chat working?

Answer If its Only Facebook That your Having Trouble Video Chatting than its a Error With Facebook Please Contact Facebook At the Help Center and Report the Problem to them

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I cant do video call on face book there is no icon the video camera.when I chat?

Yeah, because facebook doesn't support it. Try downloading Skype from Microsoft or go through Google+ Hangouts.

How to use Facebook Video Chat?

yes my friend you need a web cam and a microphone.Then you can send a video conferencing request from the top right corner of the chat box and once your friend accepts the request you'll be video c... Read More »

How to Video Chat on Facebook?

In a bid to compete with the 10-user video chat facility in "Hangout" section of Google+, Facebook and Skype have partnered to create a new in-browser video chat application. Facebook began rolling... Read More »

I cant see video in facebook?