Why can't i get a signal?

Answer Did your brother have freeview? It should still work but they mightn't be a signal in the room your in. Try reboosting , restarting it too. It should work than. if it doesn't call freeview on the p... Read More »

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Cant access celluar network on iPhone 3G On the signal bar it doesnt say tmobile just a T with a dash and three dots next to it?

Murphy 19inch tv tp1906 just bought cant get any signal and shows analog this tv should have built in freeview?

Do you have a decent, outdoor aerial connected?…

Purchased a new stereo tv wdigital tuner but can only use analog and cant get digital - says signal is too weak on Direct tv although it worked on my other tvs.?

Yes, just don't plug in phone line and the sky is the limit...

Can the Verizon Fios signal go over the neighbor's power cable signal?

The Verizon FIOS signal is carried over a fiber-optic network, linked from a nearby telephone pole to an Optical Network Terminal box, installed directly on your house. The signal is then carried o... Read More »