I'm in a rock band and we cant find a good name..?

Answer How about..........."Empyrean"Look up the meaning.......I named one of my paintings that.

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Im looking at getting a DV camcorder but I cant find any good one for less $$. any suggestions?

Stick with Panasonic and JVC. They're your best bet. And don't get the ones that will play the mini-DVD's. Those can only hold about 30 minutes of footage average. The ones that use DV tapes can ho... Read More »

Can anyone list good romantic animes please ive been looking everywhere and i cant find any?

**Elemental Gelade**This anime has mainly fighting in it (shonen). It is about a guy protecting a girl who is wanted by many people because of an ability she has (you will find out if you watch it)... Read More »

Im looking to buy a digital camera that can take good night shots but cant find a compact but is their an slr?

I would suggest looking for a used professional SLR Digital Camera. The SLR cameras are so fun to shoot can get different lenses for them...I suggest trying a cheap generic fisheye...It ... Read More »

I scanned a picture, but i cant find it in my comp., does anyone know how to find it?

Search for it or goto scan it again and see wich file it saves into. It should prompt you on where you want to save it. If you are using a specific software try that softwares folder. Usually can b... Read More »