Why cant i change my Safe Search setting?

Answer Which platform and browser are you using, safe search setting for what?

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How do I change Internet Explorer's default search engine setting?

Open Internet ExplorerOpen Internet Explorer. Click the small arrow to the far upper-right side of the browser, in the search engine address bar (to the right of the magnifying glass icon). In the ... Read More »

How to Set Safe Search Preferences in Google Search?

The Google Homepage.At one point or another, you must have clicked on an inappropriate website listed in Google Search. Or saw an explicit image on Google Images. This article will explain how to s... Read More »

Setting google to be your main search engine for firefox?

Type in about:config in your address bar, it will bring you to a page that says this might void your warrenty, click the button that says I'll be careful, I promise.First look for Read More »

I have created my website but cant find it on google search.Why ?

You have to register your site in google. From this url- are three boxes.First-URL (Your website)Second-Comments (fill info about your website like if your website... Read More »