Why can't humans eat grass Please?

Answer because it has more effect if you smoke it.

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Can anyone please help me I cant find where I can watch days of our lives online please help if you can?

I found a site just a few hours ago.I noticed that they have an entire section for video so you might find what you're looking for there.I'm glad I joined. Great spoiler section!

Please help cant decide?

I won't recommend a specific computer, but I suggest you go for a desktop. Games demand a lot of work from the graphics chips, and laptops are not generally suited to the performance needs of games... Read More »

Cant Sleep please help?

So you're saying you have no schedule whatsoever? You can just sleep and wake whenever you feel like it? A schedule would help. Try cutting your sleep short one day and then you'll be sleepy ear... Read More »

PLEASE HELP ! cant makeoutttttttt .?

Software? Really?? Anyways, you're waaaay toooo young for all this maming out junk. You two are probably break up by the end of high school anyways so no use in pursuing it.