Why can't cats type?

Answer mine has a good go, she is always steppin on my keyboard..perhaps I should go and feed her!

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What type of worms do cats get?

Worms in cats are very common. A cat can pick up an intestinal worm from a variety of things and places. Pay close attention to your cat to determine the type of possible worms that your cat may be... Read More »

What type flooring is best if you have cats re urine problems?

First Answer:laminant.Second Answer:There are many reasons why your cat is urinating on your floors. Make sure you have a cat box available for your cat or cats to urinate in. Make sure they know w... Read More »

What type of plant can I use to stop my neighbor's cats from using my flower beds as their litter box?

Felines DETEST citrus scents and products..a few orange peels and limes,lemons etcetera scattered about the area will prevent this or repel it to a calmer situation..also the peels are organic, no ... Read More »

Do cats actually "spray" in the corners of the house They are all fixed. But my mom insists that my cats?

Male cats spray even when they are fixed. With that many cats they may feel the need to mark their territory. I had 3 cats and my oldest was a male, wasn't bothered when I brought home a female. 2 ... Read More »