Why can't cats type?

Answer mine has a good go, she is always steppin on my keyboard..perhaps I should go and feed her!

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What happens if you cant treat diabetes type 1 or type 2?

Depends entirely on length of time without treatment. Most of the comorbidities happen after some time.Kidney disease/failureHeart disease/failureHigher cancer riskStrokeLoss of limb(s)BlindnessVas... Read More »

What type of worms do cats get?

Worms in cats are very common. A cat can pick up an intestinal worm from a variety of things and places. Pay close attention to your cat to determine the type of possible worms that your cat may be... Read More »

Cant get my webcam to work,keeps going off, when i type?

Are your web cam and keyboard USB?Are they both plugged into a USB hub?If they are the hub might not have enough power to supply both devices.Try plugging each directly into a USB port on your comp... Read More »

I cant get any information about this type of wine, someone help.?

LoL, this old gem of a question. You want to find a wine appraiser and pay him/her to evaluate the wine for you.