Why can't anyone on the internet spell or form a complete sentence?

Answer It's disgusting, isn't it? I really do hate it. I spend twice as much time reading a text or a instant message now because I have to try and decipher what they're saying! It's so confusing!Would it... Read More »

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Complete the sentence: The Jonas Brothers are...?

Complete the following sentence according to air force records?

Prevention, preparedeness, response, recovery, mitigation

Complete the sentence [again]; You know you're spending too much time in the R&P section when...?

Your Wife asks You what that weird song You are listening to is and You say "Oh Cinnamon recommended it" and You get a blank stare followed by "Who the hell is Cinnamon?"

How to Use the Positive Form of an Adverb in a Sentence?

In English use, adverbs take on one of three forms: positive, comparative, or superlative. In the comparative and superlative forms, the adverb expresses a quality in comparison to something else. ... Read More »