Why can't anyone invent a computer that boots up in seconds?

Answer There are computers that boot up in seconds. Just not really consumer use. Also, if your computer takes 5 minutes to boot your computer is crap.

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Why cant i use my mouse for 30 seconds like every 5 minutes on my computer?

E mail me and tell me what version of windows you are running and I will tell you step by step what to do!

Is it possible to have a computer that boots in Vista and Linux?

You can install Ubuntu 9.04 using Wubi installer need to burn a CD. Just run the installer, enter a password for the new account, and click "Install".You keep Windows a... Read More »

I just got a new computer and i cant find Microsoft Word! Does anyone know how I can get it back?

Are you sure you had it in the first place? New computers don't always come with Word or Office installed. However, you can do a search for Word.exe or you can go to your Program Files folder on ... Read More »

I have a computer for sale but i cant afford the ad for the paper could anyone please help me?