Why can't a baby see it's reflection?

Answer All babies are born without souls. Not until the age of 3 does the magic Stork Gorgonzola come down from the sky and brings the Fig of Knowledge. Just like a Vampire has no soul and can't see his r... Read More »

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Why can't a newborn baby see his reflection in the mirror?

Newborn eyes don't focus yet and they don't see in color at first. It take a bit of time before both of these things develop in a baby.

Im an diabetic and been trying to make a baby why i cant have one?

Most women with diabetes are fertile. If your blood sugar is very high on a regular basis, it will cause infertility.Also diabetes doesn't protect you from all the causes of infertility that other ... Read More »

What is the best treament for a seven month old baby that is teething really bad and cant sleep?

A chicken boneSeriously, my daughter had a horrible teething experience, everything that tried, nothing worked.Mother in-law suggested a chicken leg bone, I had nothing else to lose, so I tried it.... Read More »

Is it fair to bring a baby into the world, knowing you cant give them the best life?

I've been in your place once before.and it's going to hurt for a long time.But time helps,not heals.I also wish I had made a different decision.But to answer your question,if it was'nt meant to be ... Read More »