Why can't I wear a hat in a restaurant?

Answer It is considered rude to wear a hat indoors. If you were going to someplace like TGI Fridays, it wouldn't be a problem. If you were going to a high class restaurant, you would be expected to remo... Read More »

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Should i get rid of my clothes i cant wear anymore?

Give them away. When we keep things and tend to say, I will be able to get back into them, then we usually never do.It is better to give clothes away that you haven't worn in a year also. It is f... Read More »

I cant wear makeup but i really want to?

Uhmm, first find out why she's not letting you wear makeup. Is it because she's afraid it'll attract the wrong guys? Is she just traditionalist? You'll have to persuade her in different ways for ea... Read More »

Why cant marines wear Semper fi tattoo's in marines?

Because tattoo's are not sanctioned by the Marine Corps.

Cant load setup disc for hp printer,windows cant read it?

please post more details like printer model and make. The general suggestion is that if your CD/DVD doesnt work then you can download drivers from hp website and install. hope this help you if not ... Read More »