Why can't I use a longer USB cable?

Answer It will work just fine. I use a 20foot usb cable to connect to my printer.The only reaosn I can thik that they don't want you to use a super long cable is because the further electric signals have ... Read More »

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What happen if the UTP cable length is longer than maximum length that can be exceed by the cable?

There are many problems associated with that. The worst one is signal attenuation. Your signal will be lost on its way with all consequences. If you want to use UTP for distances longer than 100 m ... Read More »

Pc is no longer picking up my Ethernet cable It lights up at the back, singling that its connect-?

Tried reinstalling the driver for the Ethernet card?Also have you got an anti surge socket between the computerand the mains?It prevents damage to computers done by a Voltage spike whichyou get whe... Read More »

After removing my cable tv, i cant get any channels to come in, what am i doing wrong ?

Maybe the setting on your tv is set to "cable" rather than "tv"; you have no reception where you are, or you don't have a tv with a tuner. If you discontinued your cable service, you could try plu... Read More »

If a house is NOT "cable ready" does that mean we cant have internet hooked up?

If its not cable ready and you still want internet from a cable provider, they will drop a coax line into your house where you want the cable modem to sit. They will need your consent to do so and ... Read More »