Why can't I upload pictures onto craigslist?

Answer if it is a jpeg , and craigslist isn't accepting it .. it is the application or java or on-line system itself which is causing the issue

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Is it possible to upload my own pictures to my blog because i cant upload a video.?

Yes u can but it depends with your web host provider.

How Do I Upload Pictures Onto a Computer?

From Camera or Storage MediaEstablish a connection between the computer and the removable storage device where the pictures are stored. The device may be a memory card, USB flash drive, or a digita... Read More »

How do i upload pictures onto a USB stick?

If you are sticking a USB memory stick into a Mac and you don't see it in the finder window, then the stick is either broken... or there is a chance the Mac doesn't recognize the formatting (or may... Read More »

My boyfriend was trying to upload all my pics onto his laptop & now i cant see them on my camera.?

If you were using a specific uploading software (such as iPhoto), then many of them delete the files as they transfer them. This is one possible reason.Another possible reason is that because you f... Read More »