Why can't I stop drinking Redbull!?

Answer Dude you're addicted to it. You cant really do anything now. Just try to be mentally strong and force yourself to not drink it. Drink lots of water and juice, maybe that will help. Try to go for a ... Read More »

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Name of Album of "Cant Stop.. Wont Stop" by Lindsay Lohan?

How can i Quit my Smoking habitTried many times but could stop onlyfor 3 mnths max. Cant we stop it4ever?

First of all tell people who say things like "just quit" to go to Hel*. They have no idea what they're talking about.Now, step one. Write down the times that are hardest for you. Like after eating.... Read More »

What foods can and cant i eat if im drinking pineapple juice to make my *** taste better?

I hear asparagus and broccoli will do it.

Can drinking alot of water help if you have a urinary tract infection if you cant go to the doctor?

Pain on urination doesn't = UTI. It could be many other things. Go ahead and drink as much water as you want. It won't hurt you.