Why can't I stop drinking Redbull!?

Answer Dude you're addicted to it. You cant really do anything now. Just try to be mentally strong and force yourself to not drink it. Drink lots of water and juice, maybe that will help. Try to go for a ... Read More »

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Should I stop drinking?

If you state to drink for healthy reasons you should follow some rules: only wine is said to be good for the health and maximum one regular wine glass a day. Other drinks don't have those capacitie... Read More »

Stop drinking pop!!!?

You have to get through the headaches. I have a massive addiction to coffee and when I stop drinking the coffee I get massive headaches. I take a total of 4 Advil, two in the morning and two in the... Read More »

Why can't I stop drinking?

How to Help an Alcoholic Stop Drinking?

Watching a friend or family member destroy her life through alcoholism is deeply distressing and frustrating. Here are a few things you can do in what is often an impossible situation.