Why can't I see anything through my telescope eyepiece?

Answer A telescope eyepiece focuses the faint light of stars, planets and other distant objects captured through the lenses contained in the barrel of the telescope. There are several reasons for the eyep... Read More »

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What does a telescope eyepiece lens do?

The eyepiece you look through in a telescope helps you view the focused image gathered by the telescope's mechanism of lenses and mirrors. Eyepieces carry different sizes and magnifications, which ... Read More »

How to Modify a Camera Lens to Make a Telescope Eyepiece?

If you have ever been in a camera store, you may have seen a used equipment section. As digital cameras become more advanced, this section has become filled with older manual telephoto lenses. Alth... Read More »

I cant hear anything through headphones once i click on Presonus studio one ?

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I cant get anything done how can i change thisi get frustrated and end up confused and not doing anything?

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