Why can't I see anything on the video when I listen to songs on youtube?

Answer Don't worry, a lot of users upload music on Youtube and use a black screen or something else like the album cover. If this is really concerning and my last sentence doesn't help, then perhaps it's ... Read More »

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When I unplugged my headphones it still said they were plugged in so now I cant listen to anything out loud?

Restart the device from a power down state.

How to Listen to Songs Without Downloading Anything?

There is a variety of media websites that lets you listen to songs without downloading anything. Among the popular websites are, and, where you can easily fin... Read More »

Why is it...I can be sent a video from youtube...and listen to it..but if I go to youtube...It is silent?

Hi Sweet Judy, Lol.. Judy see if the volume needs to be sethigher.A Friend,poppy1

I had an update on my phone the Motorola bravo it then said SD card safe to remove When I tried to listen to music It said SD card busy When removed you cant listen to music?

HTC is not a phone. HTC is a company. The following phones have been known as 'iPhonek killers':Samsung Galaxy SHTC Desire HDGoogle Nexus SFor the main part, the above Android phones are more power... Read More »