Why can't I see anything on the video when I listen to songs on youtube?

Answer Don't worry, a lot of users upload music on Youtube and use a black screen or something else like the album cover. If this is really concerning and my last sentence doesn't help, then perhaps it's ... Read More »

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Why is it...I can be sent a video from youtube...and listen to it..but if I go to youtube...It is silent?

Hi Sweet Judy, Lol.. Judy see if the volume needs to be sethigher.A Friend,poppy1

How do i add songs onto my youtube video without having copyright problems?

Unfortunately for you, any music that's not truly yours but you haveused in your video is considered "copyright infringement". The hugemusic/media corporations like UMG, Warner and Viacom don't jus... Read More »

How to Transfer a YouTube Video Sound Track to Another YouTube Video?

It's actually really easy to transfer the soundtrack of a YouTube video to another video. It just involves using free converting programs to download the mp3 file.

Really sad songs to listen to?

it's a breakup song something corporate- "konstantine"