Why can't I scan anything?

Answer You did not specify model -> 6240, 50, 706200 is not the specific model numberRegardless, all 62xx models have Windows 7 64-bit drivers. You have to install the "HP Photosmart Full Feature Software... Read More »

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I cant get anything done how can i change thisi get frustrated and end up confused and not doing anything?

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Why cant i scan/?

This might seem like a silly question but did you install the driver; yes, yes I know you said you downloaded it but did you actually run it?Without a more detailed description of what you tried, m... Read More »

SWTOR I cant see anything?

Cut scenes are only videos that play on your computer. Games are much more demanding than video. A new video card may help, but without knowing the specs of your computer it is difficult to say.

Why cant i scan money ...?

It is not illegal to scan money. It's fair use to make a t-shirt using an image of money, it's not illegal at all. What's illegal is scanning money and then printing that money out in a way that ... Read More »