Why can't I post Images on wikia?

Answer i agree with Sir Caustic

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How Do I Post A Saved Picture On A Comment On Wikia/Wiki?

Use Edit at the top right corner.You can also upload media by 'Upload media' feature at the left side.

Way to download Marvel Wikia and Dc Wikia?

You can use a website crawler to download the entire site as the spider is crawling the website. I'm fairly sure you're violating the spirit of a wikia by trying to make the content available offli... Read More »

How to Post Images on the wikiHow Forums?

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If we have two eyes why cant we see 2 distinct images at a time?

It's known as stereoscopic vision. This is what provides you with depth perception. Both eyes focus on the subject from slightly different angles.This is why you're able to judge distances so well.