Why can’t I open up files on Microsoft office 2003?

Answer Download the free Office Compatibility Pack from Microsoft. This enables Office 2000 and newer versions to open the new document formats. You will still have to save them in the old format but they... Read More »

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How do I compress picture files in Microsoft Office 2003?

Insert the PictureClick the Insert menu in a Microsoft (MS) Office 2003 document. Select "Picture" and then select "From File." Browse to the picture file and select "Insert Picture."Select the Pic... Read More »

Where does Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook store all its files?

Files from Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 are stored in a personal storage folder, with the file extension .pst. Some files may be stored in a mailbox on the server if you use your Microsoft Outlook... Read More »

Will Open Office documents open in Microsoft Office?

Sometimes---if you save an Open Office word processing file in the .doc format, Microsoft Word can read and open the file, but not all your formatting may be preserved. Both programs can save and o... Read More »

How to Use Office 2003 Menus and Toolbars in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010?

Classic Menu for OfficeBoth Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 has embedded a new interface Ribbon, a panel that deploys and organizes all the commands as a set of tabs. In Microsoft Office 2007, the R... Read More »