Why can't I open u tube or any of the games on yahoo?

Answer Both Yahoo Games and Youtube use adobe's flashplayerIf you do not have it installed or don't know if it is installed visit this Adobe's site and follow the directions. Read More »

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You tube not working , when I open any video in you tube , although the you tube page opens, but the part?

Yeah that happens sometimes with me too just reload/refresh the page!

Why iPhone of chain cant open games?

I cant open the door cuz i slammed it to hard now i cant open it plz help me?

I don't know if it's an interior or exterior door. All I can tell you, is to shake the door really hard, while pulling on the doorknob. It may take a while, but you should be able to get it open. R... Read More »

Why cant I watch U Tube?

hello mark405995,1. use firefox browser, and install latest flash. Usually Firefox works better.OR2.It could be due to slow connection or high traffic.Try watching it during off peak hours, the... Read More »