Why can't I give stars or thumbs up or down?

Answer Problems can occur if you are running more than one version of Java as they can cause conflicts with each other. Furthermore, Java has a nasty habit of not removing older versions when updating to ... Read More »

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Mouse is on strike! How to give star,thumbs up or give 1 to 5 stars to best answer using key board?

There are probably better ways to do this but I used the "Tab" key to navigate to the right spot before hitting "enter/return" key. This is how I stared your question and navigated back to "answer ... Read More »

Why did someone give my answer a thumbs down when it was not that different to the others?

Get on with your decorating and forget those low life who go around permanently with their thumbs down. They just click away and it may not have anything to do with the sincerity or aptness of your... Read More »

Do you give other users thumbs down if you disagree with their opinion?

No, I don't.This is an opinion site so people express their opinions without having to worry about silly trolls thumbing them down. If I disagree with what someone says, which often happens, I don'... Read More »

Your top 5 girls and boys names...thumbs up/thumbs down edition?

♀ Julie Elisabeth♀ Amelia Katherine♀ Caroline Lydia♀ Grace Michelle♀ Sophie Eleanor♂ Lucas Nathaniel♂ Benjamin Wyatt♂ Alexander Samuel♂ Nicholas Andrew♂ Jackson Henry ♥ {αя}