Why cant I get onto facebook tonight.Is there a problem?

Answer It's a popular site so theres probably so many users on already that it just gets slow. The site could also be "under construction" and not available for use for a while.

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Why cant I log onto facebook?

It's working for me.. Must be something on your end... Try restarting your device.

Cant get onto facebook today?

Yes _ I'm in London and it just wont finish loading pages - then if it does eventually load as soon as I click on anything it hangs and will not open the new page.

I cant stop going on webcamnow is there a problem?

There had been a problem with my memory stick, and now I cant open the DCIM folder! please help!?

Send ur memory stick to its manufacturer to check if its really damaged.Well,i think you'll have to sacrifice the pictures that you've taken with that memory card.