Why cant I get channels above 13 since I got my new digital convertor box?

Answer I had the same problem. On one antennae I had to move it higher and aim it different. The reason is that the digital transmitter are not in the same location as the old stations. On my other TV I... Read More »

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Why does the bbc channels break up since going digital?

The digital age of television has brought many benefits. One of them is the noise free pictures. Analog signals could be affected by weather, geography and other equipment. In a less than perfect r... Read More »

Phillips tv model PL7125C107 cant unlock channels?

Using the remote, press 3, 1, 9, 7, 5, 3, followed quickly by the mute button. This should bring up the standard menu.Can that work with The Pl7125c107 & if not which remote....Cause I try it nothi... Read More »

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