Why can't I find the music I wan't to put on my video on youtube?

Answer I don't know if you mean you want to find it or you want to download it? For a download type mp3skull in google and just go from there :)

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Youtube video, i cant find it?

if u have seen it in the last week check your history it will be there

Youtube : I want to watch that music video but I can't ?

That is going to be happening more and more and not with just music. Whole sections of information are not coming up with searches anymore so I know they restrict access in certain countries. Peopl... Read More »

I need to know how to make a video out of video clips and music kinda like a youtube video?

If you have a windows based PC you can do it with Windows Movie Maker!! Good luck!!

I want to upload my video on youtube but the video length is 20 minutes how can i convert my video in to 2 par?

Use Windows (Live) Movie Maker to split the video into 2 10 min videos. Just insert the video & use the split option at the 10 min mark (I suggest at the 9:50 mark just to be safe) then upload both... Read More »