Why can't I drink coffee without getting shaky/dizzy anymore?

Answer strong coffee dehydrates you,leaving you dizzy,jittery and sick, try drinking water, you'll notice the difference when your urine stops smelling so strong and symptoms stop/ your prob pregnant so d... Read More »

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Why cant I drink alcohol anymore?

Drinking too much too early in life. This is your body telling (pleading with) u to stop!

If you stopped drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and hardly drink anymore soda?

Stay away from chocolate because chocolate has 5 time more than coffee or caffeine.It is best for you to drink 8 oz of coffee or two times that it.And don't eat anything then go to bed but it would... Read More »

How to Drink Without Getting Caught?

It is a known fact that there are always going to be drinks in your life. And parents.(at least for the next 30 years)So how can you have some fun without getting grounded for those 30 years?

How to Drink Alcohol Without Getting Sick?

Drinking alcohol at a party or a bar may have caused you to get sick in the past. These experiences can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and may even keep you from drinking alcohol in the future. You... Read More »