Why can't I copy and paste images in the pictures since I have Chrome?

Answer You will get good results from a complicated procedure. When you have the picture you want on the screen, click on 'Start'. Under 'All Programs' go to 'paint'. Press 'Print Screen' above the numbe... Read More »

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Why cant i copy & paste pictures on ms word page?

first of all1> Open ur picture in PAINT.2> than copy and paste ur pictuer...otherwise1> in word select INSERT menu.2> select PICTURE.3> select ur picture... U will get ur picture...Hope u can do th... Read More »

How to Copy & Paste Images on a Mac?

Copying and pasting on Apple computers dates back to pre-Macintosh times. The Apple Lisa, released in 1983, was the first computer to feature an option to copy text in one location or application a... Read More »

How do i copy& paste multiple images in chronological order?

Pasting images in chronological order refers to the process of gathering a large number of images into a single folder in an image program, whether on your computer or a handheld device, in order o... Read More »

How to Copy and Paste Pictures?

To copy and paste pictures onto a document on your computer follow these instructions.