Why can't I clench my back teeth?

Answer Well it has pretty much morbid to do with how you brush or what you rinse with. Have you ever had braces? How straight are your teeth? I only ask because they may not be lined up properly. Your b... Read More »

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I often clench my teeth really hard out of frustration and anger; is this bad for my teeth?

It doesn't help. Try biting on something soft like a towel.

Why do I clench my teeth in my sleep?

It's called bruxism. And the 'why' of it aren't clearly known. Some dentists or oral surgeons ascribe it to stress, but just as many believe it's because your bottom and top teeth are misaligned.... Read More »

What makes people CLENCH their teeth and how come I do it on a daily basis!?

Anxiety. I do it, too. I have to get a night guard. I actually bruise my teeth from that and grinding. If your often stressed and anxious, you may have an anxiety disorder. When I was younger, I wo... Read More »

Hi, i have myofascial pain as i clench my teeth alot at night and have tmj too, will this alter my appearance ?

It may. But you can have a night guard to protect your teeth and TMJ.