Why can't I change the Microsoft Word icon?

Answer You can change the icon on an individual document but you cannot change the icon for the program. You used to be able to do what you want but no longer.

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Can't find Microsoft Word 2010 icon?

You can search for the downloaded word programs by opening the windows search. It's that colorful swoosh in the bottom left of your computer. Just type in Word and it should show up. Once you see i... Read More »

I just got a new computer and i cant find Microsoft Word! Does anyone know how I can get it back?

Are you sure you had it in the first place? New computers don't always come with Word or Office installed. However, you can do a search for Word.exe or you can go to your Program Files folder on ... Read More »

How to Change the Tab Key Order in Microsoft Word?

Knowing how to change the tab order of a form in Microsoft Word lets you create forms in which your program's users can easily enter data. Forms with unconventional tab orders can frustrate users, ... Read More »

How to Change a PDF File to Microsoft Word?

To open and save a PDF file into Microsoft Word, you'll need to convert the file into the Word document format using a PDF-to-Word document converter. Document converters are available to purchase,... Read More »