Why can't I change my background setting?

Answer WTF??!! Now who is getting all serious!!! LMAO!I am the worst person when it comes to computers as you know, so I am not much help...sorry babes. btw ~ You need to do a 360 so we can play!!!

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Why cant i change my Safe Search setting?

Which platform and browser are you using, safe search setting for what?

I Cant have a Picture Background On my Desktop?

if its blocked it has nothing to do with Virus's Or Spyware O.oDo you have multiple accounts on your comp? What platform are you running? Please Provide us with more Information? Are you the Admini... Read More »

Help! i cant upload a background to my YouTube channel!?

because your background is a very big size above the one for example yahoo mail says your video needs to be 25mb or lower hope it works

How do I change my background pic in FB I know about moving mouse to change covernge cover?

you cant use background pictures on facebook - it's not myspacethe cover photo is the only thing that can be considered a background picture, and you said you already now how to do that