Why can you see the moon when it is still light outside?

Answer The moon is above the horizon and potentially visible to you, anywhere on planet Earth, some 12 hours out of every 24 hours. While it is easiest to see the moon at night, the moon can also be seen ... Read More »

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You replaced the thermocouple in your furnace but the pilot light still goes out when button is released?

Answer The pilot flame has to encompass the top half inch of the thermocouple. A dirty pilot will sometimes point the flame away and therefore not heat the thermocouple enough to hold. Take a small... Read More »

When NASA was communicating with astronauts on the Moon the time from sending to receiving was 1.28 s What is the distance to the Moon based on this?

The radio signals travel at the speed of light, approximately 300,000 km/sec (186,000 mi/sec). The distance would be 1.28 x 300,000 or about 384,000 kilometers.*The actual time is an estimate, and ... Read More »

How to Measure Ambient Light Outside?

How bright is it? It's easy to find out!

Christmas Light Ideas for Outside?

Some people enjoy decorating the outside of a home with Christmas lights during the season. Plan your display on paper before buying lights or setting them up to make sure you get the design you wa... Read More »