Why can you not get water out of your front screen washers?

Answer 16GB in black or white — from $199US32GB in black or white — from $299US(source apple online store)

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Are front load washers better?

On One Hand: Front Load Washers are BetterWhirlpool, a brand that specializes in home appliances, claims that front load washing machines are better for delicate clothes because they do not have an... Read More »

Are front load washers really better?

On One Hand: Energy ConsiderationsThe main advantage of front loading washers is savings. These machines use one-third less water than standard top loading machines, an average savings of 15 gallo... Read More »

Do front-load washers have locks on them?

Front-loading washing machines generally have locks that prevent children from opening the door mid-cycle. The lock, however, can usually be opened by an adult by interrupting the cycle. Many paren... Read More »

Is There A Big Difference (Cost) Between Front & Top Washers?

I looked at front loading washers in Sears and Lowe's and they cost more than some of the top loading ones. The more buttons and the more a top loading washer does, the more it cost. A washer lik... Read More »