Why can you get no signal on your tv?

Answer Your antenna may be broken, your cable disconnected, or your TV may be switched to the wrong input. If you have a digital cable box, your account may have been suspended.

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You get no signal and a blue screen on your tv when you hook up your magnavox nb500mg1f via hdmi to your vizio 42 flatscreen they are both brand new components can someone explain why?

Why does your tv send out a signal the first 5 minutes it is on that jams your remote extenders?

Because it is looking for the original remote, so it jams any signals that could distract it from its current task (finding original remote).Is there any way to "turn that off"?

Why does your TV say signal out of range when you connect your PC?

All television signals are generated line by line to create a complete frame and the frames are refreshed continually. The lines and frames are repeated at a certain frequency. In the case of a tel... Read More »

Can you use your Dish Network DVR on your DirecTV signal?

Both Dish Network and DirecTV support only proprietary DVR equipment that must be purchased with a subscription. While Dish Network DVRs and DirecTV DVRs have comparable features, you cannot use a ... Read More »