Why can paper clips float on the surface of water?

Answer Water molecules want to stay together. This is the reason water forms puddles or drops instead of spreading out indefinitely. This property of water also allows things to float or insects to walk o... Read More »

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How to Float a Paper Clip in Water?

Normally, a paperclip will sink when placed in water since it has a higher density than water. You can defy gravity and make the metal clip float if you first break the surface tension of the water... Read More »

Why does a paper clip float on water?

A paper clip that appears to float on water is not actually floating. The surface tension of the water is holding the paperclip on the surface. If the bonds between the surface water molecules are ... Read More »

What kind of shelf paper can I use on a surface where contact paper wont stay down?

You mentioned under the sink. I had some very nice linoleum left over from my bathroom floor and cut it to fit under my bathroom and kithen sinks. It looks nice, very easy to clean and lasts for a ... Read More »

Will an egg float in regular water, salt water or sugar water?

A fresh egg will sink in plain water because it is more dense than the water. The same egg will float in salt or sugar water because the water is more dense with the addition of the salt or sugar. ... Read More »