Why can not you restore a DC that was backed up 4 months ago?

Answer Because of the tombstone life which is set to only 60 days

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How do I restore files backed up on a CD?

Open the CD FolderInsert the backup CD into any CD or DVD drive on your computer. A folder may automatically open up if you have the auto-run feature activated on your computer. If not, simply go t... Read More »

I backed up from a parking spot into a car, my fault, this person didnt report it for two months deny or no?

she can make a claim up to two years you little putz act like a wo-man and pay off your debt. If you had been looking in the mirror like you were supposed to be this would not have happened. Its al... Read More »

What is the virus that prevents PC restore and system restore from working?

There is not one specific type of virus that prevents a PC from running System Restore. Download and install an antivirus program. It will scan for infected files, and give you the option to delete... Read More »

Can"System Restore"be used to restore a program that was accidentally uninstalled?

The Windows System Restore utility will not restore an application that you have previously uninstalled or deleted. You should reinstall the software using the program's installation CD or a downlo... Read More »