Why can i only drink milk after a night of booze?

Answer Because of the chemical structure of Lactose fitting into the alcohol receptor blocking that and resulting in reduced hangover symptoms

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Yes or No : Do you like to drink milk in night?

No, it makes me feel sick. If I want something at night, I will have some mint tea or a glass of water.

Is it really good to drink milk every night to avoid "ulcer" from hurting?

Ulcers are caused by parasites in the intestines or stomach, much like H. Pylori. H. Pylori is a parasite that prevents one from getting better. Can't get over a cold, etc. It's destroyed by medica... Read More »

All this budgeting for booze is really stressing me out; so much so that I need a drink. Am I going in circles?

It is actually scientifically proven that going into these circles that causes dizziness rather than drinking alcohol itself. So moral of this that alcohol doesn't make you feel dizzy by itself but... Read More »

Has Doctor Skullthumper ever had a booze-fueled One Night Stand with Ethine Serious Answers Only.?

Yeah, I was there. More of an orgy, really. Anyways, I had the middle for a while. Good times.