Why can i only drink milk after a night of booze?

Answer Because of the chemical structure of Lactose fitting into the alcohol receptor blocking that and resulting in reduced hangover symptoms

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Has Doctor Skullthumper ever had a booze-fueled One Night Stand with Ethine Serious Answers Only.?

Yeah, I was there. More of an orgy, really. Anyways, I had the middle for a while. Good times.

Why is it that we find human milk repulsive after infanticy, but still drink cow's milk with no objection?

because cows milk is a completely normal thing. womens milk is for infants and you dont see stores selling it.

Yes or No : Do you like to drink milk in night?

No, it makes me feel sick. If I want something at night, I will have some mint tea or a glass of water.

Can I drink milk, then after about 5 minutes orange juice right after?

You can always drink milk before orange juice, you can never drink orange juice before milk.