Why can i not sleep no matter how hard i try?

Answer by having your brain secrete the proper melatonin in order to fall asleep, and actually awake with energy, rather than feeling like complete ****. Buy 3mg dissolving Melatonin pills (strawberry fla... Read More »

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No matter what time i go to bed i cant sleep in?

Generally best to avoid stress, anxiety and negative thinking. Also don't watch the clock! Good luck! See today's BBC news also for some good tips:"Our warmest summer nights can be a bit of a doub... Read More »

No matter how much sleep I get I can't wake up early?

Your sleep schedule is messed up, that's all. If you want to sleep at night, just force yourself to get up in the morning. Even if you're tired and cranky, just get up and do stuff. You may be tire... Read More »

I am tired ALL the time!!! Doesn't matter how much sleep i get.?

I know exactly what you mean. ANd believe it or not, drinking water gives you ton of energy, and it's really good for you. I've found that getting less sleep actually makes me less tired. The more ... Read More »

Can my high blood pressure be the reason I feel exhausted all day no matter how much I sleep?

Yes it can be, it was for me. See your doctor, and get medication to help lower it. Then you can make changes like losing weight or changing your diet(healthy foods, lower salt intake etc), stress... Read More »